The Dietrichsdorfer Hof

A house of tradition! With pride we regard one and a half centuries of history. Built on historical ground, the guesthouse offers a unique ambiance with rooms of different style and size.

This house, without a doubt, can tell an long and interesting story.

In 1892 its possessions were acquired by Ernst Thießen. He mainly rebuild the house and named it Dietrichsdorfer Hof. Around the turn of the century, lots of festivities as well as many political assemblies of labour movement took place at the ballroom. Besides it was used as a polling station over years. Here – in 1898 – the „worker-construction-association for Dietrichsdorf and neighborhood“ was founded by Georg Howaldt and his brother Hermann.

The great variety of the hotel was held: from 1905 on there was a choir practicing in it and in the 1920s the saloon was used for movie screenings.

In 1944 the building unfortunately was almost fully destroyed by bombs of second world war. Postwar the house was re-erected and from 1950 carried on as a hotel by the Köhnke-family.

In Dezember of 2007 we, the Akgül-family, acquired this insanitary property. While modernizing, we emphasized keeping the old basic fabrics and the restoration of the former architectural structure.

These days the Hotel Dietrichsdorfer Hof with its restaurant Anno 1892 presents itself as an all-round guesthouse – offering just the best for any occasion. For families, road warriors or a culinary visit of the harmonic atmosphere of our restaurant.

We wish you a relaxed and happy stay in our hotel!

The Akgül-family and the DdH-Team.

Our reception…

…is permanently open from 6:00 to 24:00 o’clock.

Tel.: +49 (0) 431-600 548-0
Yours Dietrichsdorfer Hof Team